25 Apr 2018

Things you should know about Google Mobile Friendly Update

What is Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Mobilegeddon is the Google Mobile friendly update, which gives preference to those websites that fit well and look good on the mobile phones. Alternatively, in a simple way, the websites that are mobile friendly will rank higher than those that are not.

It was the bright day: the Tuesday 21 April 2015, when Google introduced its Mobilegeddon update. Despite being the most significant change in Google algorithm history, it could be the most expected update that the SEO pundits were already waiting for.

Just in few years, the number of mobile users has been drastically increased. Around 60% of traffics are coming from the mobile phones and the search engines like Google cannot afford to ignore it. Thus, such kind of update would be the most obvious.

It was indeed a big change, and the media reacted in much shocking manner. The Business Insiders estimated that this ‘could crush the millions of small businesses’. On the other hand, Washington Post used the term ‘Apocalypse’ to describe this update.

The important aspects of Google Mobile friendly update are:

  • It will change the search engine ranking remarkably
  • It applies to the individual pages rather than the whole website

Google suggests following points make a website Mobile Friendly:

  • The website should not avail that software that is not compatible with the mobile devices such as flash
  • The text should be clear and readable without any adjustment through zooming
  • The size of the page should be properly and automatically optimized so that users cannot scroll horizontally.
  • The links should be enough separated from each other so that users can easily click on them.

How to check your website is Mobile friendly or not:

The most obvious method is to browse your website on mobile phones. However, that strictly depends on your observations. Google evaluates websites whether they are mobile-friendly or not, you can use Google search console to check your website.

The impact of Google Mobile-Friendly Update on Search Engine Optimization Process:

  • Initially, it was estimated by many SEO intellectuals that this algorithm update will affect the mobile SERP and the desktop SEO visibility will remain the same. Nevertheless, the non-mobile friendly websites affected too much.
  • However, this change did not affect the brand search. For instance, at that there were many brands whose websites were failed to being mobile friendly, still appeared on the top.
  • The page loading speed is the vital priority after this update. The website ranking factor prefers those websites that take less time to load.
  • The impact of the Google Mobile friendly update is not much huge as it was Instead, it has insisted almost every URL now to be compatible with all the screen which enhances the user experience.

Google Mobile-Friendly Update in 2017

Now, it’s been two years since the Google introduced the first Mobile friendly update. In 2017, the scenario has been significantly changed. The Mobile users are increasing day by day and it has exceeded the desktop users behind and become the primary device that accesses the internet. Precisely, for the websites that serve B2C clients, the numbers of users that browse from mobile are more than 75%.

In order to impress that significant amount of users, one has to optimize its website for mobile. For this concern, you need to avoid few things, one of them is flash. The mobile browsers do not drive flash, it would be better to use more advanced technology, instead.

Google categorize website into two division, either your website is mobile-friendly or not. Unfortunately, there is no gray area; you can be one of them. For the Adsense, it has become vital to making their website along with the ad banners optimize according to the mobile users.

Another important thing that websites owners should consider that the mobile phones users are always in rush. Either they engage in some chat or they are on the go, it could be anything, therefore while designing the website it is important to make the essential things precise.


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