25 Apr 2018

SEO perspective Google Hummingbird

What is Google Hummingbird

On its 15th anniversary, Google announced new algorithm Hummingbird. It was September 25th, 2013, however, Google has already enlisted the algorithm a month before the announcement. The hummingbird, which is fast and precise, defines completely this update. With this algorithm, Google has made its results more precise and fast.

Now, with the algorithm Google pay more attention towards the meaning of the search query – it ensures that the overall query should be taken into account, rather than few words. Such remarkable journey is not started on 25th September 2013 or a month before, but the story of Google Hummingbird starts when the Google adds knowledge graph facts to enhance its user-interface. Let’s dissect this algorithm and come up with an idea how can a website perform well under such circumstances.

Semantic Search and knowledge graph

Google has considered the limitation of keywords driven search results. Thus, rather to work based on keywords, Google started to indexing information. Google has become smart enough to avoid the string of keywords and focus itself on the overall data, which later came to known semantic. Semantic search information is a complicated topic, but how it is integrated with this Google Hummingbird is a topic of great discussion.

In order to make the search result more relevant and meaningful, Google Hummingbird works to interpret semantic search from a concept to reality.

Google Hummingbird’s effect on SEO

Below are the important aspects of SEO, which still as effective as it was before this update:

  • Unique and engaging content is still effective
  • Smart SEO for valuable backlinks worth same
  • Keywords are still required to put in an appropriate amount

The most notable thing that changes because of this Hummingbird update is the Google has become smart enough to interpret our search queries. Apparently, Google can deliver more relevant results than it was delivering earlier.

The effect of Google Hummingbird on SEO is positive for those who enlist white-hat processes. Moreover, it is a helpful thing for the content writers as their content get the worth it deserves. For the authentic SEO professionals, it is beneficial as it makes black hat SEO ineffective.

LSI Keyword and Google Hummingbird

LSI acronyms Latent Semantic Indexing, actually, LSI keywords are related to each other in semantically. However, the LSI keywords are not simply the synonyms; instead, Google has come up with a brilliant idea to compose these keywords.

For instance, if you are writing about face then you may be writing about three different things:

Face: facial look

The face: a television series

Faces: a rock band

So, how Google can exactly know about your topic? For this concern, the LSI keywords come in handy. Google comprehend your website content, come up with the exact relevant keywords, and show your website to the more relevant internet-users.

Therefore, the LSI keywords for above example would be:

Face: Facial look ( Definition of Face, the meaning of face shapes, define physiognomy, define visage)

The face: a television series ( the face tv series, the face season 3, directed by)

Faces: a rock band (band members, songs, awards)

Thus, Hummingbird ensures that those who work genuinely will get the rewards and it also finds the spam and frauds and palatalizes them accordingly.

However, it is pretty hard to describe all the changes that Google has brought with its Hummingbirds but it is obvious that the search engine has become smart and precise.

Google interpret search queries like a human being. For instance, when someone searches ‘Chinese restaurant near me’, magically the person will get a relevant result. The Google is capable of providing the most relevant search results. However, if you’re already logged in Google+ enhances the results.

Google Hummingbird appreciates natural SEO campaign

Google loves those websites that are user-friendly, so this update looks for those websites that naturally getting popularity. The optimization of a website for Google after Hummingbird has become effective when smartly done. Keep writing naturally and focus more on users demand.

Now more than ever, the cutthroat online marketing, Google Hummingbirds is a blessing for those who authentically serve their users and dedicate themselves to their visitors.


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