There was a time when Juliets around the world wrote letters to their Romeos and waited several weeks for answers in return. Letters today have simultaneously given way to electronic mails, so from the number of days the wait is negligible to almost absent because conversations across distance are immediate in time. Various other smartphone technologies and applications have also given birth to real time chatting and the like but e-mails are constantly being used to exchange both formal and informal information.

Everyday millions of mails are sent and received which clutter your inbox space including promotional mails from various sites. In spite of the clutter, many do not hit the trash button the moment they see such a mail, some go through its contents and look for some hidden benefits or discounts that will profit their purchase and satiate their merchandise fetishes. Therefore such an opportunity to market your firm’s products should not be let go of.

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Sending individual emails to your customer database

What your enterprise and firm should focus on is sending out individual emails to your customer database to keep them involved in the developments of your firm or agency. This also enables you to portray your commitment to excellent service and build customer relationships that will last you long.


A crucial dynamic where AB Web Technologies come in is to provide the content of your mails and its advert designs. We fashion your promotional mails in such a way that they cannot be neglected by any customer. We make them as attractive and jazzy as possible with useful information and graphics that highlight the main points of your service.

Two kinds of e-mail marketing

We at AB Web Technologies provide two kinds of e-mail marketing services, one that is transactional and the other direct.

Transactional e-mails

Transactional e-mails are those that are set in motion by a customer’s response or action in regard to a company. These may include, password reset e-mails, order and purchase confirmation mails and the like.

Direct e-mails

Direct e-mails are those used solely to send promotional company messages. We at AB Web Technologies offer both kind of e-mail marketing services.

AB Web Technologies offers this service at very reasonable packages. Any and every firm should employ this strategy of marketing to gain higher returns and customer satisfaction.

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