We’ve looked at the best web tools elsewhere on the site, but prototyping tools deserve a dedicated page. Prototyping tools can help us solve design problems before writing even a single line of code. Prototypes bring our ideas to life, and in doing so can change the way we design. Today’s clients want to see interactive prototypes; these show the concepts in action and help them see how their ideas will take shape.The possibility of quickly sharing different iterations of ideas with clients can accelerate the design process. This flexibility becomes even more significant when we consider the many device formats we must now factor in.

At ab web technologies we do a lot of work with Startups, SMEs and Enterprises and Design prototyping is an inevitable part of any software product development life cycle.

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Development Technologies

01 Design Sketching
Comprehensive Wireframing 02
03 Comprehensive Wireframing
Functional Prototyping 04
05 Application Flow Maps
Clickable Prototyping 06
07 Web and Mobile Mockups
Minimal Viable Products (MVP) 08
09 User Experience and Feedback
Design Engineering Services 10

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