AB offers a wide range of online consultancy services that include Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing. It also offers customized development solutions such as e-commerce and online presence management. In its B2B offerings, AB also offers integrated marketing solutions, affiliate marketing solutions, and management of the entire purchase process.

Why You Should Consider AB Web Technologies

There are several reasons why this company is so highly regarded. First, it is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. This translates into better customer service, and increased sales.
Second, the staff has a number of certifications, which means that they are well versed in Ubuntu and UNIX systems. For example, the BOT (Business On The Internet) certificate allows students to obtain experience in building, managing, and maintaining an Internet enterprise.
Third, the staff members who are involved in developing and administering the IT platform of the client company can then go on to receive further training and certification in UNIX/Linux, and also in one of the other popular open source operating systems. These include Mac OS X, Linux, and BSD. For instance, a server administrator can attend a training course on UNIX and will then be certified to run a Linux computer.


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