What on Earth is On-page SEO

Being a novice in SEO, we just hand over our website to professional and let him/her take care of this technical stuff. But the concern is so vital and SEO service is indispensably essential that you need to know little more about this stuff so that you can gain more than you usually are. Whether you are availing SEO services in India or anywhere, you need to know at least basic of this stuff. An SEO campaign is usually divided into two broad categories: first, we call On-page and other is Off-page, this article will cover all about Off-page SEO. On-page, as the name suggests is techniques enlisted to your website. These methods are applicable only on your website.

On-page starts with optimizing the speed of your website. Search engines precisely Google loves those websites, which are fast to load. Moreover, users stay more on these websites. Experts comprehend the coding and other factors to enhance loading speed of your website. Suppose your website is custom HTML or PHP based, then they start with CSS and JS files. They enlist a script to minify them, this not only reduces their size but also shorten the website load time. They also optimize the image and try to compress them without sacrificing the quality.

Next, on our list are the Meta tags. Meta tags are not just describing the content of your web page, but also an important factor for SEO. Texts appear top of the browser bar when you or anyone accesses your website. However, Meta tags are including in the search engines and it informs search engines about the content of your website.

It is important to use tags on your web page, using appropriate tags facilitates the search engines including Google to index your website. The experts start with headers tags including h1 tag, this use for the main title. After that they move on to h2 and h3, this also helpful for distinguishing the content into different parts.

After that, the most important on-page SEO is to manage keywords on the website; too much of keywords ruin the whole campaign, thus, it is important to keep the keywords in adequate quantity.

One may author volumes of texts describing the lock, stock, and barrel of on-page SEO techniques, but concisely it would be easier to name few vital of them. Therefore, when you look for SEO services in India, you have to left ensure that the company you are opting has comprehensive knowledge of on-page techniques.

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