In the current times, businesses are using every possible strategy to keep them on the top of their game. Having a mobile app dedicated to your business can help a lot in not just acquiring new customers but even retaining existing customers. Mobile app development is now a very essential requirement for your business to become successful. They serve as a very effective marketing tool. A mobile app provides features like online shopping of your services or products, effective billing and payment processes, etc. It enhances overall customer experience for your users.

Perks of Having a Business Mobile App

  1. Increasing Brand Visibility

We are the generation called Screenagers. No matter where a person is, he or she won’t spend a single hour without looking at their mobile screens. This fact can be used by marketers to enhance their brand visibility in the eyes of their customers.

  • Increase Market Penetration

A mobile app available on all platforms ranging from iOS to Android, helps in enhancing your customer base in the market. Customers increase exponentially when you have a dedicated mobile app.

  • On The Go Visibility

An app allows you to be in your customers’ minds even when they are on the go, traveling or commuting. You can send promotions, ads or notifications to your customers. This way your customer will be attached to you subconsciously anywhere they go.

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty

With the use of discount coupons, customer loyalty programs, engagement activities, discounts, etc. you can increase your brand loyalty in your consumers’ eyes. This helps in enhancing customer loyalty in the long run.

  • Accessibility for your Customers

Having an app that supports all sorts of platforms ranging from Google Play, Blackberry, as well as Apple App Store with a leverage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn provides your customers better accessibility to your business. You will be just a click away from your customers, be it be any issues that they need to get resolved.

  • Better Targeting

You can target your customers with much more precision if you have a mobile app. You can keep a database of your customers and use it for better marketing and targeting.

  • Better Post Sales Customer Service

With an interactive engagement feature on the app, your customer can put in queries regarding your products or services which you can resolve in no time. This enhances your brand image and hence helps in overall business development.

Types of Mobile App Technologies

Apart from Android and iOS Apps there are some other technologies of mobile apps that are widely used in the market.

  1. Native App

A native app is the one that is developed for use on a particular platform or device. Because of the same fact, it has the ability to use device specific hardware and software. Native apps provide optimized performance and take advantage of the latest technology. They are very rich and reliable. They offer fast speed, work without internet connectivity and rich look and feel with proper aspect ratio.

  • Hybrid App

Hybrid App Development is the combination of two or more apps – a web app, e-commerce app, and an app that you can build for yourself. It enables a user to interact with your existing app and perform some actions. However, this does not provide the users with a platform to do any kind of business, unless they are already active in your e-commerce website.

This is a perfect combination that bridges the gap between the whole world and your mobile device. Unlike the other techniques, this allows a user to do business on your mobile app, without requiring any download and installation. This will let your users access the data and run your app on almost all kinds of mobile devices. Moreover, this means that they will be able to create a profile on your website, which will later allow them to launch an app on their mobile device and perform a purchase.

  • Progressive Web App

A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of application software designed with web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser. It provides functionalities like working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access, enabling creating user experiences similar to native applications on desktop and mobile devices. Since a progressive web app is a type of webpage or website known as a web application, there is no requirement for developers or users to install the web apps platforms like Apple App Store or Google Play.

A Progressive Web App is an application that runs in the browser of the user’s phone. A PWA can be accessed on device and it doesn’t matter if you have a mobile, laptop or tablet. There are many people selling and buying products and services online. But PWA is about those people who do not have a PC or mobile phone, or have a very slow internet connection but still want to shop online.

A progressive web app takes advantage of a mobile app’s characteristics, resulting in improved user retention and performance, without the complications involved in maintaining a mobile application. Progressive Web Apps are Progressive, Reliable, Discoverable, Linkable, Responsive, Connectivity-Independent,

Conclusion Thus for better efficiency and effectiveness in targeting your customers and marketing your business, it is of utmost importance for your business to have a mobile app. For the same, AB Web Technologies is your best Mobile App Development company to solve all your app development needs. Be it be online retail shopping, food delivery service, cab or taxi booking service, banking services, e-ticketing services, reading or education, social media platforms or entertainment provider, all your business needs will be catered to if you have a mobile app developed by a dedicated Mobile & Web Development Agency like AB Web Technologies. So don’t wait, and transcend your customer’s shopping experience now.