Content Management System

For a business, managing and updating their website is very crucial in today’s digital world. A businesses that does not have an in-house web development team needs a system that is intuitive and allows anyone to update information easily and readily while enhancing their brand identity and keeping their messaging accordant in terms of prospective clients. A Content Management System (CMS) provides this opportunity to the website owners.

CMS allows individuals and businesses which do not have much expertize and technical knowledge of this domain, to edit, manage, and maintain existing web pages in a single interface. With the help of CMS, the users & publishers can manage their content on their own. What do we mean by managing content? It refers to creating, publishing, editing, archiving, reporting, distributing website content and information. Not only this, CMS allows the business owner the liberty of creating a website without any form of expertise in coding. It has a lot of plugins which help in editing the website according to the user’s requirements.

There are various platforms which provide a CMS facility. Some of them are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla
  4. WIX
  5. TYPO3

Perks of having a CMS Website

Having a CMS website is highly efficient, time saving and cost effective for your business. CMS has proven to be one of the most essential features for a business to grow. The tedious process involving the hiring of professionals for website development and design is taken care of, if your business has a CMS website. You would also be saving large sums of money if a freelance Web Development Firm creates a CMS website for your business which can then be taken care of  by yourself in a very user friendly way. It doesn’t require a lot of updating and maintenance and allows you to focus on other aspects in Business Development.

It allows you to have a very uniform and clean website. It ensures that the website is clearly differentiated as per your business, for example, is the website a blog or a product oriented platform. A CMS website follows a set template that ensures a streamlined design and does not require a lot of input from your end to bother about the design.

Now your content team only has to bother about creating engaging quality content without having to bother about the design and also allows more functionality. Other essential perks of having a CMS Website are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): In a CMS website, you can add titles, content, keywords, Meta descriptions and call to actions (CTAs) without installing any extra plugins or tools.
  • Lead Generation: CMS allows you to invest time in business development and lead conversion instead of spending a lot of time on your computer screens.
  • Security: A CMS website protects you from any form of hackers and potential security threats. There are innumerable tools and plugins available to enhance your website’s security.


WordPress is an open source tool, used by most of the large and small businesses as well as individuals. It provides one of the best CMS website platforms, thereby saving time & money, and enhancing relevance. It also enhance their Search Engine Ranking. No other CMS platforms provides the users, control over their content as much as WordPress does. Certain sections of the website can be restricted by the administrator. Approximately 30 percent of the world’s websites are based on WordPress.


Drupal is a highly flexible CMS platform provider. It has a modular design that allows features to be added and removed merely by installing and uninstalling modules. It even allows the user to change the entire look and feel of the website by installing and uninstalling themes. Drupal is a very general purpose CMS. Its software license allows you access to a lot more services as compared to others.


Joomla is a free and open-source CMS for publishing web content. It has won a lot of awards since its inception. It allows you to build powerful online applications. It is highly extensible and has thousands of plugins. It allows a rather advanced access and operations to its users.


WIX is design driven and differs a bit from actual CMS. It does not have applications that function like a CMS. It provides extensive design features and flexibility. Its help and support is better than its competitors.


It is another free and open source CMS backed by a large professional community and members of the TYPO3 Community. It provides a rich Digital Experience with higher scalability.


It is very important for any business to regularly update and manage their content. Redundant information results in a high Bounce Rate, thus occurring losses at business. If you want to be seen as a business that cares about its customers, you need to have a good command over your website and content. So it could be undoubtedly claimed that CMS is the best option to manage your business website with all the liberty freedom, without any expertise in coding and website development. So if you’re struggling with an obsolete and non-responsive website which is affecting your business growth and is not allowing you to make changes to the website on your own, you should be aiming at having a CMS based website for your business. If you feel that you don’t have the expertise to decide which CMS portal to use out of the ones discussed above, contact AB Web Technologies at . Be it be upgrading your existing website to CMS or having one from the scratch, AB Web Technologies has the best expertise to ease your business development and provides you the best website design and development services at optimum rates. We are the developers to provide you with wings, for your business to fly.