Significance of a Professional Website

More than half the users claim to have rejected a business if they had an unresponsive or no website. It literally makes them feel that the business just doesn’t care about its customers. A website is the first touch point in most cases in the consumer journey of any customer indulging with any business. It is not only important for your credibility but also helps in attracting new customers and growing revenues by enforcing expertise. This article will help you clear all your queries regarding having a business website or not and its designing & development.

Digital Face of Your Business

In the current times, when a user visits the website before buying any product or service without fail, not having a responsive and up to date website is an unaffordable mistake you might be making. In the 21st century, every person is a web user, it is the generation of Screenagers. If you’re running a business which is provides an excellent customer service, but your potential users cannot get a track of your work anywhere online, all they have available is word of mouth. This would not help your business grow. If you got it, flaunt it.

Your first impressions matter a lot. If a potential user doesn’t find a website when he/she searches for one or finds it in a very unresponsive & naive state, they are highly likely to move to your competition. Every CTA in your ad requires a landing page. You have to put a customer review and ratings page for your users to write testimonials about your business, in order to attract more users.

Credibility Factor

An updated and crisp website ensures your credibility in the market space. It is very easy for a user to distinguish a poor website from a pleasing one. A professional website does not only have appealing fonts and graphics but also ensures the user that they don’t need to brainstorm a lot and leave all the working in their hands. Thus investing on developing a website generates value which is totally worth it for your business. Or digitally driver lifestyles have left us with no choice but to adapt to technology.

Essential Tools

There are a lot of tools and extensions, web developers can add to your website to create an interactive user experience for your visitors, depending upon your business. If your product or service has no presence on the other side of the click, you’ve already lost millions of potential customers. There are certain jargons that come into mind when we talk about website design and development.

  • UX (User Experience) includes all the aspects where an end user interacts with the business & its services & products. Implementing a UX design on your website ensures that the user’s experience when they visit the website is of best quality. UX design is one of the most essential feature to your website.
  • UI (User Interface) is the look and feel of the web pages and your landing page. It is how the user will interpret your graphics. UI is important for a products development, content and design to make it attractive and interactive enough. UI is also very essential to your website.
  • If you have an obsolete website that is not adding any value to your current business, you will have to get your Website Redesigned. A full website redesign includes complete revamping of the code and representation of a website.
  • To ensure better user experience, Website Responsiveness is of key importance. A Responsiveness Design ensures that the web page is adaptable to any device, be it be a mobile, tablet or desktop. A highly responsive website ensures better ROI, enhances Search Engine Ranking and page speed.
  • Having a Mobile Design for your website is very important because most of your consumers first open the website on mobile only. Hence a mobile version of website is very crucial to your business.
  • Using tools like CodeIgniter help you add cherry on the cake in terms of website designing. CodeIgniter is more powerful and fast as compared to its counterparts. CodeIgniter is designed for developers who require a simple and elegant toolkit to create a full-fledged website.
  • Laravel is another tool for developers that provides an expressive and elegant syntax. Laravel is a free and open source PHP web framework which is in high demand.
  • Above all this lies the Custom Website Designing. Custom Website Designing is the process of learning about your business in a way that you’re able to design a user experience with an online presence. The best part is that in Custom Websites, every aspect if your website is designed specifically customized for your business. It gives you a unique competitive advantage over other businesses in your domain.


Thus for any business to flourish you must have a website with pleasing content and visuals, ensuring brand uniformity. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your next chapter to look into once you have a website in place. Boosting your website for SEO integrations is the best way to enhance your visibility when a user searches for relevant businesses. You must have a responsive, stylish website with a good copy and visuals and don’t forget to have a Call to Action (CTA). It is your best Marketing & Advertising tool. For any business to generate more leads, your voice has to be heard, your brand requires to be seen, and your goals ought to be reached. Website design and development is the key to make these things happen for real. To get all your website design and development needs, contact AB Web Technologies at . They provide cost effective, out of the box solutions for all your website needs and ensure you drive your business with high quality results. So if you aim for your business to fly high, AB Web Technologies are the ones to provide you with wings.