Thanks to advanced technological penetration in the market, small businesses are now able to compete with their bigger counterparts with enhanced competitive edge. The primary reason behind this business revolution in favour of small businesses is the introduction of ‘Custom Business Software’. They help the business in increasing its growth rate by catering to specific needs of the business.

There has been a surge in the use of customized software by small businesses in recent times, because of an increase in the number of trained professional software developers and also in customizable technologies. Most of the small businesses now realise the need of adopting Business Analytics, Marketing Automation and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs).

Types of Software for Small Businesses (SaaS Based):

  • Finance & Accounting Software

They are used to enhance the efficiency and management of your business transactions, managing your finance paperwork, cash flows, taxes, etc.

  • ERP Software

An Enterprise Resource Planning Software allows any business to plan and streamline all process like Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Services, etc. in one portal. It even projects growth and helps businesses have a vision for their growth.

  • Communication Software

To engage your customers and internal employee management you can have communication tools with audio calling, video calling and chat features depending upon the type of business.

  • CRM Software

To enhance your sales and marketing, having a Customer Relationship Management software proves really handy.

  • HR Automation Software

Be it be recruiting, on boarding, training or any sort of HR Management, customized HR software help you ease these process a lot.

  • Custom Web Software

Having a dedicated software for your business website, that redirects your users on the app, whenever they try to make a purchase on the website, enhances your management and becomes user friendly for the customer.

  • Booking & Appointment Software

If you are into the hospitality or travel business, or into pharma or medical business, having a customized app for bookings and appointments is most relevant in order to increase revenues and streamline processes.

SaaS Based Services

SaaS stands for Software as a service. It is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider, a web developer, creates customized applications for businesses and makes them available to customers over the Internet. You may get yourself developed a SaaS based portal for various domains. Be it be SaaS based ERP, SaaS based HRM or SaaS based CRM, all are readily being used in the market.

Perks of having a Custom Business Software

  • They are designed to fit your exclusive business needs, thereby enhancing management and revenue.
  • You don’t need to change your business model to make it fit for the available software in the market, rather the reverse happens.
  • By hiring an expert Software Development team, all the complexities are taken care of by them reducing stress from your head.
  • All the Data Management is in your hands and you are ensured of the safety and reliability of the data.
  • Having a dedicated App for your business enhances your trust and image in the user’s eyes and also is very cost effective.
  • It increases your visibility and penetration in the market.
  • Overall Customer Experience is enhanced and your customers relate and speak with your brand more often now.
  • Reduces a lot of time by cutting out processes like paperwork, drafting documents, filling invoices and cash orders.

Hiring the Right Software Development Team

It is never too late to get a custom software built for your business. If you have found the solution for your business, your next step is to find the ideal software development team which can make your dream business software and enhance your business management. They have to be professionally trained, smart, technological savvy and should treat your business like their own. Prototype the software so that there is no one else to claim and reuse it for their business. AB Web Technologies is your best bet to get all your custom software needs satisfied. We have all the features to ensure your business reaches all heights with a custom software. We have a wide industry experience of working with hundreds of brands in solving their software and web development needs. We function at very cost effective and budget friendly rates. Now is the time for you to provide your business a Third Party View for its better growth and security, with features like making your business future proof and enhanced scalability.