You may have the best of ideas for your recent business venture, but it is of no real use until you have thought of the execution well enough. The most important aspects for your business idea to be up and running are a Website and a Mobile Application. Without a website and an app your business has literally no online presence. For this purpose, there are people called Developers who matter a lot in your business idea implementation. These coders or programmers are highly skilled professionals who help you transcend your sketches into fully functional apps and websites, thus providing wings to your business.

Choosing the Right Developer

Depending upon the size of the business, you need to hire developers accordingly. There are various professional Developers available in the market. According to certain statistics, 23 percent of start-ups fail in the initial stage because of having the wrong teams in place and hiring wrong professionals for their tasks.

The internet offers you a lot of portals where you can search for the right developers for your business. These include social media, developer communities, and freelance portals. Depending upon the requirement, you may hire a remote team vs an in-house team.

You can either pitch your start-ups on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to search for the right Web Designers or even put your search queries on dedicated communities like GitHub, Stack Overflow and Reddit.

Perks of Hiring a Developer

Dedicated Hiring refers to hiring a group or individuals to perform specific tasks for your business, depending upon the services required. They are trained professionals who ensure that the work will be done with utmost efficiency. Following are the benefits of hiring professional developers for your website or app needs:

  1. Enhanced Focus

By assigning tasks to these trained professionals, you can ensure that you are able to invest more focus on other aspects of the business like business development, branding, marketing, advertising, etc. This will overall help in the business growth.

  • Flexibility

These Web Designers will work on your exclusive projects with full dedication, that too with a very flexible terms and conditions. These may be easily revised and altered. There won’t be a lot of fuss over documentation and hiring like that in the case of having a team of Web Developers in-house.

  • Cost Effective

Hiring a Web Developer team is highly cost effective since they are to be paid only on project basis, as compared to a full time in-house team that is to be paid a monthly salary, which is a lot of money even when there is no work for them. You will also not incur money spent on training these in-house employees. Also a lot of other resources and space will be saved for not having a team sitting in your office, rather hiring professional remote development agencies.

  • Easy Handling

Having individual employees for these roles involves a lot of monitoring and checking on them for their work. They also need a lot of training which requires time and money which may otherwise be invested on other aspects of the business. Hiring remote Web Designers only requires for you to give those projects and deadlines and your job is done.

  • Enhanced Skill Pool

A dedicated Web Development team as individuals with various skillsets having expertise in that particular domain, software or coding. This provides better solutions to a business since they now have expertise for a diverse set of problems thereby benefitting the business.

  • Quick Response Team

In case of an emergency, where your app or website has started malfunctioning or has been attacked by a malware or hacked, a Web Development team is just a call away. Their experts will take no time in resolving those issues. They are highly proactive and available any time if the day.

  • Business Oriented Approach

A dedicated Web Development Team like AB Web Technologies have had worked with various businesses and designed hundreds of websites and apps for diverse platforms and technologies. They are highly business oriented and work for your firm like it’s their own, since their reputation is also at stake. If a person in their team take a leave, it won’t be your headache and there will be replacements ensuring your project is completed in time.

  • They are your Digital Marketers as well

AB Web Technologies not only provides you Web Development services like website designing and mobile app development but also is your dedicated Digital Marketing firm. They also ensure your digital marketing aspects are taken care of. These include services like Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, Mobile Marketing, etc.

  • No Hardware or Software Required

You are provided with the liberty of getting all your website and android or iOS app development solutions done remotely with an agency, without having to spend loads of money in buying hefty software and hardware for the same. They will save you a lot of money and space.


To ensure that your Project Management is painless, cost and time effective and is based on your terms and rules, hiring a professionally dedicated team of Web Developers like AB Web Technologies is a must for your business. They will ensure a better Go to Market Speed with a 24×7 support and access to the latest technology. You won’t have to install any hardware or software in your offices and your business will be up and running in no time.

At AB Web Technologies, we provide your latest technologies in website design and development like CodeIgnitor, Laravel, etc. and best e-commerce solutions like that with WooCommerce. We also provide you Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) solutions which are delivered through web based technologies like HTML, JavaScript, etc. Ab Web Technologies is also your go-to developer portal for all your application needs be it be Android Apps or iOS Apps. So don’t waste time and contact your dream web development team now.